How does fax2mail work?

Most people have a basic understanding of a fax machine and how it works. With fax2mail it works on the same principle in that when you send a fax it encodes the information and send it across a telephone line. Instead of a fax maschine receiving and decoding the signal to print out it is rooted to a online server. The server will then convert the hard copy fax and forward it to the email address as a PDF attatchment linked to the 086 fax number.

How do I register?

Registration is done online. On the menu click on then "Sign Up" or on the "Multi Sign Up" link. A page comes up with all the countries that you can signup to. Just click on the country and the auto signup page will open up. Complete the online form and when you submit it the number will be displayed on the screen and you will receive a notfication email with the number on it. 

How do I activate my number?

All you need to do once you have the number or you have received the confirmation email is to send a fax 2 the number. If you receive it in your email inbox your number is activated and ready to use. If you do not receive a fax please just have a look in your email junk folder just to make surethat it was moved to the junk folder.

What els do I need to know?

  • There are no limit on the number of faxes that you can receive daily.
  • You can receive multiple messages, that means that you should never get a busy fax machine ever again.
  • The person sending a fax to you does not have to have a internet connection, for them it would be like sending a fax to another fax machine. 

Remember this services is free of charge to the receiver. If someone send a fax to your unique 086 fax number you will not be charges.